Tanner Staging of Breast and Pubic Hair development

This is a 5-stage system proposed by Marshall and Tanner in 1969 for grading female breast and pubic hair development.

Tanner staging of Breast Development

  1. Elevation of papilla only (pre-pubertal breast)
  2. Breast budding
  3. Enlargement of breast without areola separation/elevation
  4. Formation of secondary mound by areola
  5. Mature breast: areola regresses to form single contour of breast, only papilla remains projected.

Tanner staging of Pubic Hair Development

  1. No pubic hair
  2. Scattered labial hair
  3. Hair reaches the mons pubis
  4. Slight lateral spread
  5. Hair spreads to medial aspects of the thigh.

Tanner staging of Axillary Hair Development

  1. No hair
  2. Some hair present but growth is incomplete
  3. Fully developed hair.